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Energy Work at Healing Kneads

  • A form of holistic healing energy therapy using the hands in positions that completely balance the Endocrine System. Reiki can be used daily to help the body, mind and spirit.
  • An ancient Japanese form of touch therapy. The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words, one Rei (pronounced Ray) which means “universal”, and then Ki (pronounced Key) which means “life force or life energy.” The two together “Reiki” - means “universal life energy” and the definition of the universal life energy is something that is in everything that is living. Whether it is an animal or a plant or a person, anything that is alive has that energy. L.O.V.E. principal universal.
  • Practiced in every country of the world. Reiki is being recognized and used by hospitals and hospices to help patients. Studies have shown that Reiki increases the white blood cell count giving a boost to the body’s immune system. That it eases depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, stress levels, and reduces pain from both chronic and acute conditions. A wonderful complementary modality in a personal wellness or healing program.
  • Reiki practitioners have certificates of training and have received Reiki attunements from a master teacher. The practitioner hands are vessels that allows the energy to flow through their hands for “a person’s highest good,” “highest healing” or “highest blessings”. Reiki session can help ease tension and stress, and can help support the body to facilitate healing on all levels- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki energy is not based on belief, faith or suggestion. Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice and has been around for thousands of years.
Reiki with Master Teacher
    Body is scanned for energy block, charka’s are cleared and balance, body is grounded, tension is eased which can support the body to facilitate healing on all levels-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Multiple Sessions are available. 30, 60 minutes
Usui Rieki Practitioner Classes
    Reiki I, II, A.R.T and Master Teacher classes. Call for details 610-356-7900.

    Theta Healing®

    Theta Healing is a powerful technique that combines science and spirituality to identify and transform negative beliefs and traumas. Our worldview is made up of beliefs: opinions or convictions that we see as truth. The kinds of beliefs we carry with us influence the kinds of thoughts we have on both the conscious and unconscious level. They also affect our behavior, our relationships with others and our health. Theta Healing® works instantly to transform negative thought patterns or beliefs empowering you to re-create your life exactly as you choose.  Make appointment with Amy.