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About Healing Kneads Massage & Exercise Center

“Balancing Mind, Body, and Spirit one client at a time”

Healing Kneads Massage and Exercise Center provide the highest quality of pain relief, stress reduction and relaxation. Our massage therapists work with clients who need focused attention to alleviate discomfort caused by repetitive motion at the work site, injuries that are caused from automobile or on the job injuries, and sports injuries. Additionally, we help clients with cancer by offering oncology massage and lymphatic massage. We see clients with nagging neck and back pain, headache and migraine pain, surgical and scar tissue pain. Clients with increased stress come for massage and our yoga classes to learn how to reduce their stress level. Our clients learn how to increase their quality of life with massages, yoga, and energy work.

Our staffs of professional therapists and instructors have received their certifications through accredited schools. All massage therapists are licensed. There are many different styles and techniques used for massage and every therapist has a different touch. We specialize in Myofascial Release Bodywork, Lymphatic and Oncology massage to help many of our clients to improve their quality of life from discomfort and pain.