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Eoghan Ballard, Ph.D.

Dr. Eoghan Ballard has been involved in cultural and spiritual research since childhood. By the age of 9 he had begun to explore and study the dream experience and by 11 was beginning to explore alternate religion and spiritual traditions. By the time he was in his teens he had traveled to and studied in Ireland, learning traditional culture, music, and language becoming fluent in Gaelic language and studying traditional Gaelic spiritual traditions. This included eventually looking into the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of the Celtic Revival's leaders such as George Russell (AE) William Butler Yeats, and S. L. Macgregor Mathers.
This led eventually to a study of systems like Tarot, Yoga, Meditation, Golden Dawn, Freemasonry, OTO, and many courses of Reiki.
Eoghan has a BA in English Literature from Temple University, and both a Masters and Doctorate in Folklore and Folk life from the University of Pennsylvania, where he worked for 15 years. Additionally, he also has taught at various area colleges including DCCC and served both as a Professor in Sociology and a campus dean for Strayer University in New Jersey. He has been invited several times as a guest lecturer for the Dept. of Religious Studies at Swarthmore College.

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Cyndy is offering 20 minutes of Reiki  for those wanting to experience Reiki feel energize throughout your body.
 $25 Regularly $55

is offering 30 minutes of  Therapeutic Touch to relieve stress in your Neck and Back. $35 Regularly $55

Dr Ballard is offering  30 minute Chakra Clearing with
essential oils. $39 Regularly $65

Dr Ballard is offering private 1 hour sessions for:
Guided Meditation $39 Regularly $55 
Healing with your Angel $39 Regularly $55

Amy is offering 30 minute Card Reading  $40.
Amy is offering private Healing Sessions starting at $85- $220.
Healing Sessions available are Karmic Healing, Akashic Record, and Multidimensional level healing.
Amy is a channeler, spiritual Intuitive & healing counselor. A healer is facilitator for your highest & best divine healing.

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